Coming back to teaching in live in the flesh after not being able to for so long in person with the pandemic has been a breath of fresh air and it also had its challenges.

After over a year of creating online classes and an online teacher training course on Restorative Yoga and the Menstrual Cycle, on zoom I just gave a 25 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with 3 people present and 2 people on zoom.

I was certainly hoping for a bigger turnout as my trainings usually have 10 to 24 students, but was so happy to be able to teach in person.
I learned a lot about trying to integrate zoom with students in the studio.


I am incredibly grateful for Govinde Alboraya and Gobinde Rusafa who sponsor two of my trainings in Valencia, Spain each year.
They are amazing to work with and have beautiful centers here in Valencia where I live.

For these training I can come home and sleep in my bed each night and do not have to travel to other countries or parts of Spain, which I love to do but I also love to work close to home.

Having two students on zoom with their “helpers” was a bit challenging.
My Puja Method of Restorative Yoga includes simple hands on assists.
Trying to demonstrate and also see what those on zoom were doing was challenging.

My students gave me feedback that confirmed that they too wanted to be in person not only because of the assists but to be with the other students and share in the energy.

I do not think I will repeat this particular training again online.
I will develop another teacher training that lends itself to zoom. Being creative is a necessity in these new times.

Still the energy that was shared despite the zoom and in person dynamics was incredible and there were heartfelt tears, insightful moments and deep learnings shared by all.

I continue to be grateful for my teaching opportunities and the gift of being able to share the teachings of yoga.

Still what was amazing about the training was that the love was palpable. Two of my basic teachings are that Love is the highest energy and that everything is vibration.

Love and vibrations do not know time or space, they exist in the moment and can be felt and experienced whether you are in the room or in another place or country.

This was what everyone experienced, the human connection, love and vibration as we learned a lot of practical things as well about Restorative Yoga, teachings, assists, variations and so much more.

I am looking forward to my next trainings coming up in August 2021 at Gobinde, Valencia and in Mallorca at Ananda Yoga Manacor in November 2021. I have decided to postpone teaching out of the country until circumstances change. I am also creating some on line events and one on one special sessions too.